My Top 5 Drugstore Foundations for Oily Skin

1. Wet 'N' Wild Coverall Foundation

Do not be turned off by the packaging for this product!

I know it's not a product you will display on your vanity or even an Instagram-able product, but honestly, believe me when I say it's good!

It's priced at €4.50 and can be bought at most Dunnes Stores and Penneys as well as Pharmacies Nationwide.

This foundation is unlike any other foundation I own - so I can't compare it for you to get an idea of how it feels. I will describe it as best as possible below for you. 

It comes out of the tube incredibly fast - so be gentle and slow when dispensing otherwise you end up with enough to cover your whole body in one go!

It also has a strange, perfumed smell, so it may not be suitable for you if you have sensitive skin. I don't have sensitive skin and it doesn't affect me in the slightest. 

Upon application, (this is where the magic happens,) the coverage is stunning - I can cover my reddest of acne breakouts with one thin layer, followed by 'bouncing' the brush over more stubborn areas afterwards to give an extra little with of coverage with leftover product.

It feels very liquidy, doesn't dry too fast but it oxidises (darkens as time goes on due to oxygen evaporating certain ingredients to help it dry down) so I recommend buying a shade or two down, this will ensure you don't end up with an unwanted orange face and white neck! 

I generally find I don't need to use much powder as this foundation is very matte, but powder could be added to give it staying power.

Verdict: Perfect for anyone who likes a full coverage finish on a tight budget. I've not found a cheaper foundation that performs as well as this does. It is a gem for day time, when you don't want to use your 'good' makeup but still want to look hot!

Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation

2. Catrice HD Liquid Coverage

This is the foundation that went viral on my YouTube page, you can watch it in action here.

This is another holy grail foundation for ladies and men with acne or severely blemished skin. It is comparable to Estee Lauder Double Wear - but at under €8 it's a complete bargain.

My honest review of this foundation is that it dries very quickly - you need to do one section at a time and blend it really well - because once it sets, it is set! It can begin to cake if you try to layer any contour or cream concealers over the top of it, because it is so dry. 

My advice here is to use powder contour over the top, and for undereye concealer or other cream products - apply those first and gently blend your foundation into where this ends or slightly overlap the two. Just make sure you do not use creams over the foundation - you will regret this (trust me!).

The packaging itself is quite pretty and modern, with a frosted clear glass bottle and a black dropper lid. 

Verdict: A little goes a very long way and the coverage is amazing. My only complaint is that the darker shades seem to look extremely grey on my skin - I normally use 030 with no tan and have no problem at all with it being cool toned, as soon as I moved to 040 I looked like I was ill, it was that ashy on my skin. This may not be an issue for you - but keep it in mind when choosing a shade!

This foundation is sold in all Adrian Dunne Pharmacies and also Penneys.

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage

3. L.A. Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation

Phew, how long is that name? This is generally referred to as 'The LA Girl Foundation' as it's pretty much THE foundation of beauty gurus in The States. It can be bought from Beauty Bay online and it's €12.80.

This one is a dewy finish - so it's perfect for anyone with oily skin who is slightly more mature and doesn't want a super matte finish accentuating wrinkles, but it can be powdered.

It gives a stunning and flawless finish and is true to colour with a huge colour range available. I wear Nude Beige when I have tan on and it's similar to NC 30 from MAC.

Verdict: Because it's a dewy finish it can transfer onto clothes etc. if you don't powder it. This is my only concern with this foundation as I touch my face a lot and find foundation smears on my black clothes.


L.A. Girl HD Pro Coverage

L.A. Girl HD Pro Coverage

4. Revlon Colour Stay for Combination/Oily Skin

This foundation was one I bought on the recommendation of beauty bloggers, this was my holy grail before we had more affordable options in Ireland. It's one of the more expensive ones at €18.99 but I pick this up when there are 3 for 2 deals in Boots and I wear the shade Golden Beige. 

One of the reasons I have veered from this foundation and started using different brands was the crappy packaging that had no pump, I actually bruised my hand once in my desperation to get the product out of the bottle by bashing it on to the back of my closed fist. It has since (thank GOD!), changed to a pump bottle. 

This foundation is another one with a weird perfumed smell, so it might irritate sensitive skin, but it doesn't irritate mine at all. It applies evenly and with ease, no need to work quickly for fear of it drying or caking. It dries to a velvet matte finish, so it's not too matte, if you have fine lines or wrinkles it is flattering on the skin.

Verdict: This foundation is very similar to the finish of MAC Studio Fix fluid.

Revlon ColourStay Combination/Oily

Revlon ColourStay Combination/Oily

5. L'Oreal True Match Foundation

This is one of my absolute favourite foundations. EVER. 

This suits pretty much all skin types, and can be sheer or full coverage depending on your preference, it's gorgeous on mature skin and stunning on younger skins.

It's priced at €15 usually, but again, Boots do the 3 for 2 a lot on L'Oreal products so essentially you can get it for €10 if you bought 3 - or you and 2 friends bought one each. But, to be honest it's totally worth €15. 

It's a very similar finish to Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk which is €45 - and guess who owns Armani cosmetics and produces them? Yep, you guessed it, L'Oreal. 

This foundation also comes in both cool and warm shades, so for natural redheads who find most foundations too yellow, you can opt for the warm toned versions. There is also a huge range of darker shades which most drugstore brands just don't offer.

I often tell my makeup students to get a few of these for their kits, as they are inexpensive and beautiful on the skin - 9 times out of 10 if I ask a student what foundation she has used on her model (because I want to compliment it!) it will be the L'Oreal True Match. 

This foundation can be powdered or left with a dewy finish. It dries semi-matte, but has a lot of shimmery minute flecks through it (either gold or slightly pinky) which can leave a glowing, luminous finish when left without powder - perfect for blurring fine lines and even acne scars due to light bouncing off it and causing a flattering finish. 

Verdict: I always need to powder when I wear this foundation, it just is way too luminous for my naturally shiny skin.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

L'Oreal True Match Foundation