What is Inglot Duraline, and 6 Reasons why you NEED it!

There are very few items I consider a makeup bag staple, because what works for me might not necessarily work for you.

This is where Inglot’s product Duraline is different. I genuinely think this is a product that every makeup lover should have in their makeup bag.

So, what is Inglot’s Duraline?


This product is probably best described as a ‘Mixing Medium’. It is contained in a small clear dropper bottle, and looks like a clear oil. It feels oily when applied directly on the skin, but it dries to a matte and waterproof finish. It can be purchased at any Inglot store or online for the reasonable price of €12.

Ok, that all sounds great, but what would I possibly use that for? I hear you ask.

Some of my main tricks for using Duraline are for:

1: Bringing gel liners and pomades back to life.

Anyone who uses a gel eyeliner or a brow pomade will know the struggle is real as soon as your product begins to dry out – and in some cases, even begin to crack inside the pot.

You’ve probably even binned them when they get to this stage, but you don’t have to anymore!

Simply add a teeny tiny drop of Duraline directly into the pot and it will make your brow or liner product work like a dream again. It has the added bonus of waterproofing the product once mixed in – which I find perfect if I have a client with watery eyes or someone who has a tendency to rub their face. No more black tears, Hallelujah!

Tip* You need the tiniest amount of product or else it can take a long time to dry down (don’t worry – it will eventually!).

But in order to stop your liner from transferring to the top lid and ruining your eyeshadow you really need to let this product dry completely before opening your eyes wide after the application.

If I’m in a hurry, I sometimes cheat and set the liner with black eyeshadow to speed up the drying process, but again, this product WILL dry once you give it time.

2. Cleaning up your eyeshadow at the outer corner.

This is my all-time favourite tip for creating a winged look without having to use liner (or to create a guide for a winged liner). What I mean by this is, once you finish with your eyeshadow, pop a tiny amount of Duraline onto a palette (or any clean flat surface), and dip a concealer or sturdy lip brush into the liquid.

Drain off the excess product if you’ve picked up too much (either press onto the back of your hand or dap into a tissue/cotton disc) and simply wipe the brush underneath the shadow to create a sharp and winged look.

Most people use a cotton bud soaked in eye makeup remover for this, but you won’t get a sharp finish using a rounded cotton tip. Duraline also works miles better than makeup remover for this.

This is the easiest way to create a winged shadow look, or like I said above. A guide for applying your liner afterwards.

3. Cleaning up your liner.

Eyeliner is one of the most daunting parts of doing makeup for most, and for that reason a lot of people avoid it. But, with Inglot’s Duraline, it makes the application a dream. I personally cannot do a client’s liner without it anymore.

It’s become THAT much of a staple for me.

If you’re not confident with the top section of the liner (the bit that touches off the upper part of the eye lid) – Try doing liner first and then afterwards apply your regular shadow to the lid.


I used to do this all the time on client’s when I was a trainee MUA and not confident with liner. This way I could clean up any mistakes and get a perfect line without messing up their eyeshadow. I would then touch up the liner afterwards if eyeshadow touched off it – it always seemed easier to me when I had the bulk of the work with liner done first.

Using the same method as the eyeshadow clean up, you can use your brush to wipe away any unwanted shakes or bumps that may occur, and clean up the wing underneath for the most precise application ever!

Tip* Duraline can sometimes make the black product that you are wiping away mix into the bristles of your brush. Have a tissue or cotton disc handy to wipe it clean between each swipe and prevent you spreading the black product where you don’t want it.

4. Bringing matte or dried up lipsticks back to life.

If you are reading this and you own Ruby Woo Lipstick by MAC – you will know what I mean! Matte lipsticks can begin to drag and look really dry and unflattering on the lips. In order to get the most out of your lipstick you can add a drop of Duraline to your lip brush and apply the product from the lipstick with ease.

It will still dry down to a matte finish – so don’t worry if it looks glossy on application!

5. Applying pigments or sticking down loose shimmers.

If you’re a fan of shimmery loose pigments, but find they lack that WOW factor or that the shimmer mostly just falls off during the night, then adding a small amount of Duraline to your eyelids will not only help them to stick to the lid but will also ensure they keep the glittery or shimmery reflects.

I find using a fluffier brush and gently bouncing it over the lid is the best for this. Bounce the Duraline on the back of your hand to remove excess product and to get the bristles nice and splayed out – then bounce it on the lid – followed by bouncing the pigment on top (Gently! We don’t want it all down our cheeks! If this happens see trick number 2 for clean up!)

 Or for a cut crease look where you don’t mind a harsh line, then use a concealer brush to carve out your crease using Duraline, and whatever is left on the concealer brush, use it to pack the pigment on.

Tip* Be mindful of where you apply Duraline when doing an eyeshadow look – as we saw earlier, it can also be used to create sharp and neat lines. Only apply it where you plan to place pigment, otherwise it can be your worst enemy!

6. Creating coloured liner.

You can turn any powder into a liquid with Duraline. If you fancy doing a deep berry or brown eyeliner and don’t want to spend a fortune and buy one, all you have to do is scrape a tiny amount of eyeshadow in your colour of choice and mix with duraline (think of it as an upmarket cement mixing idea!). It will create a paste that applies with ease and dries down to a matte finish.


If I am working on a model and have been briefed to do, say, coloured lashes or brows – and I don’t have the correct coloured mascara in my kit. I’ll often mix up my own custom mascara using eyeshadows and Duraline and apply with a clean wand.

It’s usually only for a one off shoot and the results are almost the exact same – so it’s pointless to buy a product especially for the shoot, when I can custom make my own. I sometimes pack the liner or mascara with the eyeshadow on its own afterwards for an even more intense look – kind of the same idea as Trick 5!

Tip* Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT (!) add Duraline directly to your eyeshadow in the pan – always scrape it out and mix on a palette (or even the lid of a cotton bud container - anything.!) It will not dry back to the original state and will leave a dark stain in your precious shadow.


..Aaand there you have it, I hope this helps with any mystery behind this magic liquid from Inglot!